Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hainan pearl why sell into potatoes price

Almost everyone has been to hainan faraway places, or "Asia first beach in guangxi beihai of visitors can see so scene: 35 holding dozens of pearl necklace vendors to sell the goods passing visitors surrounded, they most representative of" advertising words "-" very cheap, a string of pearls sold only a kilo of potatoes price".

In 2005, China's pearl output reached 1500 tons, 95% of the world total trade volume of pearl above, but only 8% or so. China's jewelry jade jewelry industry association, director of industry development room Jason told reporters. "our country without processing of high-quality goods pearl flows overseas market can only get low profits, and a pearl in the domestic market and to sell at a vicious competition, this kind of phenomenon fully reflect the jewelry industry is in weight not heavy, there is a ' 'no,'" the name of the boat."

Domestic: "pearl when the street sold"

In the development of China held a pearl on the BBS, hainan's biggest jewelry enterprise sanya sea embellish jewelry Co., LTD. The chairman ZhangShiZhong said, jewelry in people's impression is usually a kind of identity and the symbol of the grade, but now "pearl when the street selling, enterprise more than MiDian" phenomenon indicated that the most of the pearl jewelry basically has been stripping jewelry is only the most common ranks, the tourism handicraft just.

In the waters of the north sea, major pearl in guangxi sanya in hainan, guangdong zhanjiang some of the large professional jewelry store, some appearance is luxuriant, works excellent pearl jewelry price often in tens of thousands of yuan to several hundred thousand between. And here the small store of full avenue hangs with pearl also made of jewelry, marks a price in 50 DuoYuan general $100; Swimming at the beach vendors more low bids, as long as the visitors can use a few slightly cut price dollars to buy to a gold pearl ornament.

Overseas: the low end of vicious competition

China is the world's largest country, pearl sales but in recent years in the production and exports climbing at the same time, prices are falling at every step. South China sea institute of the Chinese academy of sciences, said zhang Cai assistant director of 1983 China's export pearl about 12 tons, foreign exchange earning $23.45 million per kilogram, the average price of about 2000 dollars; In 1992 the export 255 tons of pearl, foreign exchange earning only $29.62 million, the average price per kilogram is only $116. "To note is that in the past 10 years, exports increased 20 times, average price fell 94%."

Last year, China's pearl of the world's total output by 95%, sales income is less than 1/10 of the share. Some experts say happened, the reasons of this phenomenon is due at the low end of the market for pearl enterprise "to kill each other" as the malignant competition and cause the whole industry into the "trap" high yield. "Breeding and processing is the effect of China's pearl industry development of the two big short legs." Room Jason, said whoever sea pearls or freshwater pearl production sharply, and the local government to encourage more farmers get rich, blind pursue to increase production has the very big relations. However, due to the pearl breeding and processing enterprise there are generally small, loose, disorder, cause the brand, quality pearl little pearl less, the low added value, low export prices "two little two low" phenomenon.

For some enterprise in order to export to undercut each other's prices, malignant competition to strategy, even "a pearl QianLiRun" make a kilogram business do phenomenon, China's jewelry industry association, jade ornaments will ChangSunFengMin enormously ground to say: "our country every year to Japan and other Asian countries and regions of the original export bead, very low price. And these countries and regions will be its processing before enter the market, sales price increase terminal several times and even several times. China's enterprises in the article the production of raw materials suppliers played a role, the profit space pitifully small."

"Tahiti" black pearl is popular

When China pearl in domestic and international market into cheap goods, the south Pacific Polynesia (known as "Tahiti") produce of black pearl became the darling of the high-end market, the price up to $10000 per kilogram. In each big jewelry exhibitions, Tahiti black pearl by the race to the jewelry is more popular.

According to China's jewelry industry association, jade ornaments of expert introduction, Tahiti pearls breeding has the very perfect quality control system, the local government set pearl industry of pearl, specialized in the export of supervision, pearl breeding business, traders are to training and shall be subject to "upgrade"; Provisions of not less than 0.8 mm nacre, and all the export all the pearl industry to pearl detection; Issue quality certificate and level certificate, all not qualified products to detain be destroyed, don't allow bad bead flows into the market.

The development of China's pearl BBS participants raised should be used for reference and study, Tahiti black pearl popular world high-end market experience and make innovation, make China's jewelry industry from the "bunch economy" upgrade to the "cultural economy".

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