Sunday, June 19, 2011

Diamond ring's decision to quit the style of the diamond ring first impression, so custom diamond ring, custom diamond ring style is very important. Custom diamond ring ring main package ", "ring material selection of ring and the selection of design,"

Custom diamond ring has uniqueness, special, especially married diamond ring, in order to make it more of a special significance and value, still can be in the lettering on the diamond ring or design. Can say, custom diamond ring, really able to let you have a different, belong to you only own only diamond ring.

Custom diamond ring ring material choice.
"A lot of people from material back in choose 18 k gold and pt950 which good, costly gem nets with a words to compare their quality. Pt950 colour and lustre and purity, more excellent, but set, design can not compare with K gold, 18 K gold cheap good, style and changeable, but in colour and lustre and slightly pt950 Hudson on purity. But for smaller diamonds, whether it's PT950 gold ring with good or 18 K gold, hardness is enough. Thus, for less than one carat the following and loyal to the color can be used PT950, and big drill with 18 K, general advice LaoWen. For wedding and engaged pt950 diamond ring is the best choice, because it has the same love and marriage, and better symbolize is used to collect if can use 18 K gold. Specific can see the wedding ring choose platinum diamond ring or 18 K gold diamond ring good?

How to choose the diamond ring style
Some diamond ring design show drilling and strong, such as 6 ungual diamond ring and four claws diamond ring, some diamond ring looks very fashionable, such as card/diamond ring, bag set design, get married diamond ring style is concise and practical, and general diamond engagement ring general fashion design, and so on, so costly customization diamond ring choose what kind of design style, basically see oneself interest and use, if you don't know these, to our costly gem to this understanding, we nets have a lot of knowledge introduction, or directly to the costly gem of "design page from net find, choose to have the feeling style.

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