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Gold and silver, precious changbai mountain ginseng

In people's impression, pearl is always full of legend color. Zhuji city, zhejiang province pearl industry cluster development process, in the same way as a legend.On dec. 27, 1972, zhejiang zhuji farmers HeMuGen came to hangzhou enterprise, the pharmaceutical company a bag of a catty of two of the four scattered pearls for $497 cash broken. HeMuGen step out of this step, ended up in the town of zhuji shanxiahu pearl industry radiation to the world.
A GanCheng, like mobile phones can be carried it in my pocket, along with the same customers do business...... south and north Guangzhou businessman, with this GanCheng and shrewd mind that gave birth to the famous "13 line" commercial miracle. Now, the former days the prosperity has already become the history, but 13 line merchants used by commercial instruments are persons who have survived, become a visible west on the business history.

Guangzhou collection enthusiasts ZouYongSheng item in the full of beautiful things in eyes, syma scale, the ancient abacus, all kinds of TieSuo, all is the crystallization of the west on the business culture. "Guangzhou is foreign trade portal at that time, so many things are other local merchants." no

Syma scale: the goods must be in your scale
With abacus department horse scale for ivory ChengGan very precious

Gold and silver, precious changbai mountain ginseng, velvet antler flowers in one thousand, invaluable glue, these goods in the weight when trading merchants there can be no deviation. 200 years ago, no high-tech electronic scales, but 13 redsun has done with sophisticated syma scale to weigh.
"硍 zhu" old in the counter for "vessels cashier"

"Syma scale is commercial culture of the west a symbol." The collection includes ZouYongSheng nearly stem from the qing dynasty to early republic of guangzhou big business the businessman of the used syma scale. He said, "not only department horse scale of precision, also with the requirements of the goods must be" weighing equal ". "Says velvet antler, ginseng, caterpillar fungus these the best medicinal herbs, syma scale natural also want to use the best, this just a large family style."

"The qing dynasty redsun department horse scale, production materials is the country's most of the top." Syma of scale production materials mainly reflects in ChengGan, according to the value in turn can be divided into ivory scale, like bone scale, annatto scale and bamboo scale and varieties, the top two prices high, even more expensive than the weighing of the gold and silver jewelry and medicinal herbs, the general merchants use not, many for between qianlong and jiaqing; 13 large businesses, herb did with general businessman, the most common use of or annatto scale and bamboo scale.

Abacus: luxury tyo ivory bead

In the ZouYongSheng collection, important one is from the size of the abacus, smack miniature to a meter long. Big MAC abacus

According to introducing, the makings are main exquisite abacus abacus in qing dynasty, redsun use abacus, good for acid production, more branches for years, colour is still incredibly ruddy. High-grade are ox horn bead, "the most luxurious way" ivory bead. And the qing dynasty to stay abacus ivory in one thousand two hundred after the passage of time, now it has slightly yellow, but that year the firm luxury and stretched out but hard to forget the collector.

Shrimp and lock: open a secondary two minutes

"Do such big business, but also must be locked up, lock is better accumulation can only be got wealth." Desktop, a late qing dynasty and early republic reserved "shrimp and lock" lay silent, for 40 centimeters long, head like a large lobster. Shrimp and lock the middle qing dynasty in on the west of merchants, the widely used by the pig iron is made, because like shrimp, the shape its name. Lock the built-in spring nearly 10, need to use the article in the coming days, zhuji farmers from breeding to trade, from trade to processing, from processing to creates the sign, the depth development, let the freshwater pearl industry in "hometown of" glow.

At present, shanxiahu pearl breeding farmers town has many 3000, 15000 employees, control the freshwater pearl breeding area of 400000 mu, all over the country the great lakes area, has the pearl processing enterprise more than 2000 households, the produce fresh water pearls of global output 70%, 80% of the country's total output, and successfully created our country pearl industry all three "China famous brand".
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"The industry upgrade is zhuji pearl industry cluster development of important experience." Shaoxing municipal party committee and the standing committee of municipal party committee secretary, said TanZhiGui record over the years, zhuji committed to promoting the massive economy to modern industrial cluster ascension, energetically carry out science and technology, brand, patent strategy, promote the traditional industry brand, new industries scale, leading industries, such as pearl industry high-end massive economy overall competitiveness increase apparently.

In the 1980 s, the town of zhuji shanxiahu pearl in the first summit, and form a from breeding to FanXiao professional team. ZhanZhongHua is one among them.

At that time, weitang pearl jiangsu launched market, ZhanZhongHua old weitang run into. Run a few times, ZhanZhongHua set out thinking: just because there is such a market, the pearl to raise the weitang run, weitang people sitting at home can be counting money. Shanxiahu pearl many, why don't you do a market, and can not only solve the villagers sell bead difficult, and to open up a new way to get rich?

Do it now, ZhanZhongHua find three partners invested 1000 RMB each in his own home, with bamboo, YouMaoZhan and glass fiber reinforced plastic built simple market, from wood club made some table, make their own stools and ark of the head of a bed, before and after a match, about 50 pearl trading booth is completed.

June 20, 1985, "extensive mountain pearl trading market" officially opened, and this is the prototype of the original zhuji pearl market. The market turnover charged 1% of the management fee, results, opening the first day of the management fee is charged 50 DuoYuan, the second day to reach 250 DuoYuan.
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Since then, the influence of the pearl market wide mountain continues to expand, fujian, anhui, jiangsu, customers will follow. In order to solve the problem from outside to eat live, the market also gradually with the dining room and a hotel--the hotel has 20 steel wire beds.
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ZhanZhongHua founded the pearl market influence is profound. Now, the lake has become a global freshwater pearl distribution center, the main functions of the pearl market have also from commodities trading to commodity display and information exchange expand, but it is about its history is still talked about.

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