Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to buy a diamond ring for a majority

How to buy a diamond ring for a majority of men is a headache problem, because the average man to diamond ring are lack of interest, also won't take the time to understand it, but to have the other half of the men, you have to know about how to buy a diamond ring. If you still don't know how to buy a diamond ring's words, now you've got a chance, ready to melon seeds, slowly see coke bench go down.

How to buy a diamond ring is the first lesson: choose to work before

1, first to recent bought a diamond on the good friends or relatives to know some buy wedding ring. If your friends to be engaged in the identification, the more jewelry can give you some good suggestion. If not, you can also go to a larger enterprise, the experts to there consultation.

2, choose the time to ring in premarital 2-3 months. Plenty of time, can read a few stores, ramble more several online (no matter what you think, online shop goods sell diamond ring did more than the reality of cheap half or more oh, go to display the next will know that).

3, mind to have a budget price, ready to enough Money to!!!!! Here to remind a bit, if you buy a diamond ring of words, the size of the diamond, the factor of the main consideration for the size of the diamond weight than to judge the value of its the only factors, so, should buy their financial ability to frame the best diamond. Otherwise ~ ~ destroy the other such as do catering, wedding budget matter small, lane of a turn pale you miserably.

4, sure good time, place, price, or want to get the number of design. Simple said is you is for you to buy a fiancee, or buy a pair of lovers, or buy one of women, buy a male to quit. The way I see it, the majority of people are to buy a fiancee, a little strength is buying lovers diamond ring. After all add up to 2 how all the good point of, is. N

5, bring your dear drops to the choose and buy, the girl with fiancee are like this moment of feeling, very romantic, good warmth. Ah yes, here to remind a little, a woman may also take the good friends or family to go to, that will avoid you boy buy too cheap or perfunctory, you can get ready to find each other, first, sweet, bribery, to ensure that no possibility of bribery, mutual satisfaction.

How to buy a diamond ring class 2: suitable for design is very important!!!!! To look at!

Diamond wedding ring, should choose to cooperate hand diamond shape. A diamond design depends on the shape of the letter which after cutting, traditionally, there are five kinds of cutting shape. Circle, elliptic, pear-shaped, square, heart, and in cutting and, at the same time, decided its inlaying way.

Finger short: had better match pear-shaped diamonds or elliptic, this will make you finger appears slender, avoid by all means is square drill;

Finger was not full: can choose round diamonds set in two lines between design, let the gold rings round a little finger appear;

Small slim fingers: appropriate heart-shaped diamond match;

Fingers: avoid stout with heart-shaped diamond, appropriate is used less is more.

If buy couples would have to consider to buddhist monastic discipline, both sides are suitable for design. In plain and simple, be able to bear or endure look, can match lasting lining daily simple and elegant dress is given priority to, the design is the best choice, the design is too beautiful artful and childish, or too feminine type, did not suit.

How to buy a diamond ring lesson 3: the wedding ring material want to understand, will see!!!!!

The ring, have sufficient qualitative gold, platinum, full of 18 K white gold, platinum, etc. Now the most popular was 18 K and platinum platinum, with its high degree of hard and easy to match line to diamond, jewelry, precious stones to win. Grinding and half grind arenaceous design is much more taste, very popular oh.

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