Monday, May 9, 2011

combine beauty and esthetics with unique meaning

Over the past few years I have been asked a number of times: Do you have magical powers? My answer is that I don’t see myself as a magician.  I create jewelry with great intention and seek to combine beauty and esthetics with unique meaning that together can provide keys to achieving those things that you want most in your life.  The jewelry is a key to the immense power that you have within you.

Key to the power within
What make a beautiful piece of jewelry into the key to fulfillment?
Imagine yourself at a wedding with the partner who you truly love.  Your partner is wearing on their finger a ring.  The ring is beautiful but, for you, it also symbolizes something far more powerful.  The ring is a constant reminder of the commitment between you and your partner to be there for each other.  It is a ring dedicated to love.
It is the same thing I try to create in my jewelry, using well-known symbols from different cultures.  Take, for example, the Diligo Ergo Sum ring (see below) - imagine wearing it solely as a thing of beauty - that is in itself is nice.  But now, imagine wearing it whilst connecting to and focusing on the deeper meaning of the ring (I love, therefore I am)!  All of sudden your entire existence is transformed. Your way of being is love and love becomes a powerful part of your every day existence!

The Secret Element
Even though I’m not a magician, I do believe that my genuine good intentions and the preparations I make in the creation of each piece of jewelry, allows you to feel the authenticity that pervades the jewelry.  I believe that jewelry created with pure intentions is different from a piece of jewelry made by exploited workers in Thailand or China.
The making of the pattern of Venus
I invite you to enjoy the wonderful combination of beauty, meaning and pure intentions.
David Weitzman

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