Wednesday, May 11, 2011

ordinary hisui investment value is not high

Domestic hisui collects the market started in the 1980s, after work, qing jade has become an important variety auction market, auction market has become the important and qing jade collection of reliable market.
Today, hisui is as investment tools, hit movie "crazy stone" reality version. Try to meet the needs of ordinary jade decorated collects lover, spending thousands of dollars can buy a piece of jadeite pendant, he wants to play bracelets,. It is for the purpose of investors investment appreciation before purchase must learn about the emerald collect investment knowledge, much to market go to look, earnest comparison.

Generally speaking, ordinary hisui investment value is not high, only high-grade hisui huge appreciation to space, but less than the collection level high-grade of jadeite jade all extremely one of, so from a wide range of jadeite market products, need unearthed professional knowledge and vision.

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So face numerous jade, how to discern the true and false jade? Basically has the following kinds of methods:

First look at it transparent texture degree. Generally speaking, the quality of the jade transparent or like the best, transparent expert called "old kind of jade", value is the highest. Translucent jade called "new and old kind of", the price component. Jade opaque, hair dry called "new species jade" lower value.

Second is to see color. Jade color is rich, have green, red, purple, grey, yellow, white wait for color, one of the most expensive is green. According to green shades, and further into gems, shades of green, colourful green, glass green wait for a variety of 10. High quality jade green gaudy, transparent, oil moisten, without impurities, use hard implement when knock its sound is ringing out loud.
Material copied by artificially baked in glass and become, it tried the structure lax, green is uniform and slants dark, some have bubbles. With a stiff device when knock its voice hoarse.

Qiang color jade is with colorless hisui or white jade heated in the liquid in green, let the green infiltration into small cracks. In the sunlight shine on, can see the green is in grain, grain mixed and disorderly and tiny within. Its weight than real jade slightly lighter. Qiang color emerald green most flash yellow, flash blue, colour and lustre is no natural green so bright and beautiful, and time will fade, turning yellow or change to blue.

The superior quality for the jadeite jade say hard, color, clarity, well, form, knock is generally the ornamental or evaluation method, and jade jade is divided into: glass, brunet old pit, old pit, silk, oil qing, pea flower green, melons green etc. Among them with glass kind of jade is top grade, and "water" very high, transparency better is called "ice", is "the curiosa glass". Most consumers buy the jade bracelet may have this kind of experience that will knock you face businessman jade bracelet, listen to see its voice is ringing, and contains no turbidity with crispy melodious have echo is preferred. Doing that is the crystallization of to proof jade closely texture is good and no crack.

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1. The charming green more valuable.

2. Transparency: hard jade internal crystalline organization close texture, transparency also follow good high, we say "glass kind of" is this transparency hard jade, such as jade itself chromium-contained rich because the ice is formed of worth and jade, it is difficult to find.

3. Color well: besides color jiao green, transparency, but also must tonal uniform is top grade.

4. Flaw: should pay attention to whether crack, spots, etc, these flaws will affect the quality of hard jade.

5. Shape: most of the jade ring surface is oval shape egg face, as for other shapes are various, better and beautiful shape of jade price also is an influence.

6. Carver or polisher: carved pieces of its work better and baldric all of symbolic meanings of price have influence.

7. Size and thickness of the same quality, of course, with large and thick jade the prices higher.

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