Thursday, May 26, 2011

Popular rhinestone jewelry is not only the decoration of the dress

Popular rhinestone jewelry is not only the decoration of the dress, but also has become an inseparable part of clothing. Each person has more than one piece of rhinestone jewelry in order to match different fashion. However, in front of those various jewelries, how to choose the most suitable piece? Do you understand jewelry wearing skills? First of all, we need to realize that both jewelry and temperament will be different due to one's appearance, age, occupation and identity, status, the living environment. So that everyone have the unique temperament. A suitable jewelry is able to emphasize each person' unique personality. Otherwise, it can destroy whole aesthetic feeling.
1, age
A) Below 25: can choose exaggeration, popular jewelry, not be too expensive. Do not dress up too mature because young is the to do the dress, because young is gift;
B) 25 years - 35 years: the most choices for this people. No matter being mature, capable, or enchanting, sexy, as long as consistent with their own temperament, it is good enough. Can choose expensive jewelry; High-class pearl decorations; Jewelry sets; Diamond jewelry; Classic jewelry.
C) 35-45: should be mature females, they appropriate traditional and classical design. It is not suitable to wear too colorful and too complex jewelry.

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