Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Diamond prices has this year from last year

Diamond prices has this year from last year, but retail terminal to did not have too big change, but after gold prices rising, diamond prices already are
transmitted to retail terminal. April 27, xinmin network reporter visit Shanghai several diamond jewelry store, found that old temple gold, chow taifook stores such as diamond jewelry is dearer news. Among them, ZhouShengSheng made clear, will this month 29 raised all diamond jewelry, up to 20%.
Since last month, international diamond prices rising momentum, prices will appear from numerous quasi new news is blasting shop squeezed. While annual 5 months are marriage season, which makes many young people face diamond price boom, worried up their own wedding cost.

ZhouShengSheng shop on the first floor from yongan department store all to understand, the diamond jewelry all will this month 29th rise, or about 20%. The diamond ring is counter choose, "said miss wang with a diamond gross weight 0.45 CT, color, clarity fabry-perot VVS diamond ring, for example, now sells 23500 yuan, two days will 28200 yuan, fully expensive 4,000 yuan."

Store in nanjing east road in store, under the condition of three million budget, reporter let sales of a few researchers recommend diamond ring. "This paragraph.50 CT, VS - G sells for 32700 yuan, fold 29430 yuan." after The clerk, "says ms shen last year when the cheapest is diamond, each married have to buy a diamond ring will rise, now in at least expected to rise within 40 yuan of above. But now we haven't received notice formally introduce."

Insiders expect caused by diamond raw material costs, the wave of price boom before from may embodied in retail market, and continues through the end of the year, is expected to increase 20% to 30%

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