Thursday, May 19, 2011

gold jewelry consumption is becoming increasingly hot

Captivating ambience, awe-inspiring lion dance. May 18, at 10 o 'clock in the morning, located in shenzhen TianBei four road and WenJin road interchange of roc building Pauline international jewellery trade center held a solemn ceremonies. Try industry Shenzhen gold jewellery industry association YangShaoWu, secretary-general GuoXiaoFei, wu hao, standing vice President ChenZuCheng Hong Kong jewellery
manufacturers chamber of commerce President and vice President LinZhiJiang, LiuGuJian, jarno believe the group chairman LuLiHang, chairman of JinZhan GengBo, jade jewelry square JinBangMing wholesale market leaders including President strengthe distinguished guests, as well as chairman of the company, and the vast majority of jewelry merchants all media attended the celebration, common nearly universal, gathering Pauline, common witness this historic moment.
Celebration ceremony, shenzhen gold jewellery industry association YangShaoWu first addressed, he represents shenzhen gold jewellery industry association of possession of Pauline warmly congratulate try. He said, from water bei international jewellery trade center to now Pauline jewelry international trade center, marking the start of vigorous market demand, is a symbol of the shenzhen jewelry industry developed. Hope in the government and industry association, under the leadership of Pauline can better serve good society, good services to our clients, to shenzhen jewelry industry's contribution to the development of power.
Hong Kong jewellery manufacturers chamber of commerce, said ChenZuCheng speech chairman of Hong Kong jewellery manufacturers chamber of commerce very bullish on Pauline future development in the future, he also hope to work closely with Pauline can promote shenzhen jewelry, with Hong Kong jewellery common development.
Pauline group President ChenChuBo also spoke to all the leaders, he first and guests welcome, he talked about, Pauline international jewellery trade center from planning at the jewelry industry aspire to become the most professional within the upscale jewelry products exhibition, trade and service platform. Facing the domestic gold jewelry consumption is becoming increasingly hot, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and foreign jewelry will appeal to expand domestic manufacturer in home, sales channel.
Next, President chan himself for south lion dot eyeball, finally, present leadership guests with witnessed Pauline international jewellery trade center startup ceremony.
With its opening ceremony music and cannon-fire sounded and opening ceremony also pushed on dancing in. Come and gone for fireworks Pauline international jewellery trade establishment of the center, marks China's jewelry products show transaction service field, entered the specialization and internationalization brand service era. Become shenzhen jewelry circle and a shiny spread to the whole business card, China and the world. With a solid foundation, the integration of resources gone beyond geographical boundaries. With professional management and wisdom for the service art, business people inside opengate of door of the treasure of the connected east and west. Set of heaven and earth, to the world of essence of jewelry display bright brilliance.
It is reported, Pauline international jewellery trade center building altogether 29 layer, negative a layer and 1-3 floor area of about 1.8 million square meters, including a layer, negative for colour treasure and silver area, a layer of for jewelry brand and enchase area, second for hisui and gold districts, three layer for Hong Kong jewellery manufacturers association. Layer 4 for Chinese and western culture restaurant. The fifth floor of private kitchens for chaozhou &shantou flavors of yan wing, gourmet restaurant food, is your duck, abalone, pick up friend entertains the ideal place. Article 6-18 layers of planning as the world of jewelry brand company office, fully satisfy enterprise's office demand. Article 19-28 floors containing more than 200 for the five-star hotel rooms, splendid between luxurious decorate a design and outdoor natural ecological beauty, revealing the grand hotel momentum. Article 29 layer for business conference hall, multi-function hall, available for every manufacturer do product launch, ZhaoShangHui use. Pauline international jewellery trade center broken before trading center in the single mode, omni-directional service for customers, provide all the facilities.
One deserves special attention is on the third floor of Hong Kong, established the manufacturer museum, let strengthe Hong Kong manufacturers can produce cluster effect, convenient mainland customers can directly to the Hong Kong museum order take delivery. In addition, the Hong Kong museum also can be more convenient organization in Hong Kong jewellery manufacturers all over, to extend the mainland market exhibition has very great help.

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